Duo Pack
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Lani Duo

Get two cups of your choice and get a special discount

Our first cup, designed to fit most users. It's the safest bet and it comes in two gorgeous colors: Lokelani Rose for those who like looking at their flow; and Mokihana Berry for those who want to hide stains.

Lani Classic

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Designed for first users, and young people. This mini cup has a smaller diameter and lower capacity, but it's just as powerful!

Lani mini

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I recommend Lani 100%. It is the best thing that happened to my period. Cramps have decreased. You will not feel that you are wearing it! Once you know how to use it, you'll have zero menstruation spots. I never leaked, and I also noticed that my flow is not that heavy. Go for it! You won't regret it.

Yolanda F.

Best decision I ever made!
It was a bit complicated on the first day, as I was just learning to place it correctly, but the rest of the days it was wonderful, it was the best period I have had! I am thrilled to have made this change! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 💗💗

Julieta C.

Period revolution
Super great! No problems to practice before my period, and definitely smooth and recommendable. I would buy it a thousand times more :)

Shirley R.

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