How to choose the right cup size

How to choose the right cup size

How to choose the right cup size

Lani Classic or Lani Mini?

A common question and we get it! When we launched our first cup, the Classic, we called it one-size because we designed it to adapt to most users. This is because it has an average diameter, capacity, and firmness. But it was never our intention to stop there. We were listening and then launched Lani Mini.
So how should you know what cup fits you best?

Many different menstrual cup brands take into account various factors when defining the ideal cup for each. The most common is if you are over some specific age (25, 30, 35 years old) or have had children. Some brands do not consider C sections but only vaginal deliveries.
We do not believe that a single factor like that should determine the best cup for you. For us, it is a combination of factors.

We're making it even more confusing, aren't we?

To make it a little easier for you, we created this quiz that you can answer, and we take all these factors into account to recommend a cup that best suits your body. Although you know your body best in the end, and if our recommendation does not convince you, you decide! To help you choose better, continue reading.


Lani Mini is for you if:

  • You are a beginner and want to start with something less intimidating
  • You're young
  • You have strengthened pelvic floor muscles
  • You have a low cervix
  • You have light flow
  • You have not had children, nor have you carried a pregnancy to term.


If you have already taken our quiz, you may have noticed that we consider factors such as age, childbirth, the height of the cervix, among others. Here we explain what each one means and why each one is important.


It's not like one day, you turn 30, and your vagina decides to loosen up. But it is a reality that as we age, just like our skin and other muscles, the vagina loses elasticity and firmness.


This, in other words, means how much room there is in your vaginal canal for the cup. If you insert a finger into your vaginal canal and can feel your cervix, and not even half of your finger enters, you have a low cervix. Your cervix moves up and down at different stages of your menstrual cycle, so we recommend measuring its height when menstruating; this will be a more accurate measurement.

Although Lani Mini has a total height greater than Lani Classic, its body is only 43 mm (1.69 in) high. This means that you can cut the stem to your preferred height, and the body of the cup will fit comfortably if you have a low cervix.


If you have had children, it does not matter if it was by C section or natural delivery or if you have carried a pregnancy to term that didn't result in birth. Your body has changed. You, better than anyone, know. Usually, what happens is that the pelvic floor muscles have lost strength. Although this is not always the case, we consider this as an essential factor since it is likely that you will need a cup with a larger diameter.



This is a less important factor, but we also consider it. Lani Mini has a smaller capacity, 5 ml less. To give you an idea of ​​what it means, it is one sanitary pad or tampon (regular, not super absorbent). So if you choose the Mini cup and have a heavy flow, you will have to change it more frequently.

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