About us



Aloha! We are Sofi and Pao, the founders of Lani. We are going to tell you a little about us and how Lani was born.

We are two Mexican entrepreneurs from San Luis Potosí, who are also terrific friends.

Since elementary school, our paths crossed, and our dreams began. With entirely different personalities, we managed to create a team like no other.
We started by sharing the same vision: to make Lani the #1 menstrual cup in Mexico; that it is indeed the product that changes the lives of thousands just as it changed ours.

We have been friends since we were about 11 years old. Years later, Sofia started on a path to sustainability. She wanted to reduce her footprint as much as possible, and when it came to periods, she became puzzled. Looking for a zero-waste option, Sofi stumbled upon the menstrual cup. She thought it would be a sacrifice she had to make to have a more sustainable period. She never imagined a menstrual cup could be fantastic.
An absolute marvel! She couldn't shut up about it, and obviously, she called Paola immediately. Pao tried it and thought the same thing. It changed our lives entirely. So, clearly, we wanted to tell the whole world.

Sadly, it was challenging for us to obtain a reliable and affordable menstrual cup in Mexico, so we decided to do something about it. In July 2017, we began to work on the design of the Lani Classic so that it would be a cup that the vast majority could use. A cup that was accessible and a brand people could identify with.
It was not as easy as we pictured in our minds, it took us another year and a half to make it happen, and we launched in December 2018.
Since that day, we have reached all corners of the country. Users all over Mexico have shared their incredible experiences with Lani and how it has changed their lives, as it changed ours.

At the beginning of 2020, we started making plans to expand. Lani is made in the US, and messages asking us to sell Lani there increased over time. So, here we are. We genuinely wish to bring to you the best period experience you could ever have.
Lani is a Hawaiian word that means heaven. We want periods to be heavenly.

 Our mission is not only to offer a quality product but also to change the menstrual experience of thousands of people who are not satisfied with the products they use. Lani works hard so that menstruation is not perceived or experienced as negative, limiting, and disgusting.


Sofia is 27 years old and is a Business & IT Engineer. Sofia is passionate about the planet and all the species we share it with. One of her biggest concerns is plastic waste and its effect on marine life and fighting global warming. This was her motivation when looking for an alternative to feminine hygiene products, finding the menstrual cup.

Sofía also seeks menstrual education and female empowerment, that women are free and nothing stops them, that even in the most challenging days of the month, they shine.



Ana Paola is a 27-year-old working woman, she has a Bachelor of Business Administration. Ana Pao is very active, both professionally, socially, and physically. She is motivated to take care of the planet and always help others. She likes to eat, sleep, dance, go to the movies, and exercise.

She wants to convince bleeders all over to make the switch to the menstrual cup and make them comfortable 365 days a year, 24/7.



Our HQ are in Mexico, in San Luis Potosi.
We are just getting settled in the US, in Dallas.
Currently, all of our sales are through our website lanicup.com
If you want to see Lani at a local shop, send us an email, and we'll do everything we can to make it happen.