Lani Classic


Lani is a menstrual cup made with Class VI medical-grade silicone.
It is inserted into the vaginal canal to collect menstrual flow.
It is an excellent alternative to traditional disposable menstrual products that is better for the environment, your body, your wallet and is incredibly comfortable.

This model is the Classic, which we developed to be average in diameter, height, capacity, and firmness. If you're not sure if this one is the right fit for you, take our quiz.

Choose your favorite color: Mokihana Berry or Lokelani Rose.

Dimensions: 43 mm diameter, 63 mm height (including a 15 mm stem)
Capacity: 30 ml to the rim, 23 ml under the holes.
Firmness: 3/5 (semi-firm)


Included is one menstrual cup, one cotton pouch for storage, and one illustrated user manual.
  1. Sanitize it: Sterilize your Lani by boiling in water for 3-5 minutes. Also, you can use a cup steamer, following the instructions.
  2. Wash your hands with water and soap.
  3. Fold your cup to insert. There are different folds you can use. We recommend you try a few to find your favorite.
  4. Find a comfortable position and hold your folded cup with two fingers. Insert it toward your tailbone, keeping it folded until it's entirely inside.
  5. Make sure it opens and seals to avoid leaks.
  6. Wear comfortable for up to 12 hours, the cup will begin to fill. If you believe you have a heavier period, you might fill it up way before the 12 hours are up. We recommend you keep an eye on it the first time you try it.
  7. Locate the cup by the stem and work your way to the base of the cup. Break the seal by pinching the base. Remove by slowly moving the cup side to side and out.
  8. Empty, rinse, and reinsert.